Inspection Services

A professional home inspection gives you an independent, unbiased view of any existing problems along with recommendations for follow up repairs, so that you will have all the facts you need to make a sound, informed decision on your purchase.

We take our inspection reports seriously. Every inspection is a complete and thorough analysis of all the major systems and components in the home. The report includes a clear description of what we’ve found with any problem areas noted, so you can easily identify them.

All of our home inspections include Thermal Imaging and Drone Photography (when necessary) at no extra cost.

  • Residential Home Inspections
  • Home Energy Audits
  • Radon Testing
  • Certified Mold Inspections
  • Moisture and Water Intrusion Inspections
  • Wood-destroying Organism Inspections
  • Infrared Thermal Inspections
  • Drone Inspections
Drone Photography

Drone Photography

Roof Inspections are pretty straight forward, except when they are not. Hazards and the inability to access using a ladder may prevent other inspectors from being able to inspect the property roof. Hiring an inspector who cannot fully inspect the roof could cost you thousands!

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Infrared Thermal Imaging

What is Infrared Thermal Imaging and why do I need it in my home inspection? Simply, thermal imaging uses infrared technology to detect very small differences in temperature. Every material has a unique thermal signature, when moisture, heat, or cold is introduced into a building structure the thermal signature changes. With the help of an infrared camera we can see many things that simply are not detectable to the naked eye.